Gohunt $22,500 Dall Sheep Hunt Giveaway – Really?

When I hear the word “giveaway,” I am naturally suspicious. I question the hype and evaluate the odds. Each company works hard to build excitement around these offerings. It is usually loud and proud. A call to action offsets the company’s investment. Sign Up Now! Limited Time Only! Follow Us Today! Enter Here! It’s these type of giveaways that are becoming such common place that my senses have been dulled. At this point it would take a bull horn to the ear for me to listen.

GoHUNT’s INSIDER giveaway for June would be the equivalent of a bull horn to BOTH ears. A dream of mine would be to chase white monarch rams in the Northwest territory. GoHUNT INSIDER is giving away a $22,500 dall sheep hunt that would put you in Canada’s Northwest territory this August!

The question is, should you and I buy into the hype?

Are your chances just as good as the next person? Will goHUNT follow through and deliver? Who are the winners? How are they chosen? If a winner can’t accept or doesn’t accept the giveaway, will another winner be selected? Could it really be me? Could it really be you?

I contacted www.gohunt.com on a mission to find the answers to the above questions and more. I half expected them to tell me that the company does not share confidential information about their winners or their giveaways. I was pleasantly surprised when goHUNT opened their doors and business with zero hesitation. Company President Lorenzo Sartini was an open book. With a little research I have identified everything you need to know about June’s INSIDER giveaway.

GoHUNT.com INSIDER June Giveaway Detail:

  • TOTAL VALUE: $22,500
  • Where: Mackenzie Mountain (Northwest Territory), Canada
  • Outfitter: Nahanni Butte Outfitters
  • Dates: August 3-15, 2015
  • All Inclusive: Food, Lodging, Guide Fees, and $2,500 Travel Voucher
  • Success Rate: Nearing 100%
  • Potential: Trophy sheep area with the possibility of taking a 40″+ ram. (Ave. Horn Length 36″-37″)

How do we know the winners are real people and not your personal contacts or family and friends? What is the process of randomly selecting a winner?

Sartini: “We perform a random drawing at the end of each month and announce the winners the first business day of that month. Each INSIDER member will receive one entry per month. You can check out all of our previous INSIDER giveaways and winners online.”

Here is the process for drawing the winner

  • Export active members
  • Add accounts created for members (from spreadsheet)
  • Import into text utility (each user gets a unique row)
  • Permute the lines by “shuffle” 3 times.GOHUNT GIVEAWAY

How do you qualify to be a winner of an INSIDER giveaway?

In order to be eligible for goHUNT’s monthly giveaway you will have to sign up for INSIDER by midnight the day before the drawing. An INSIDER membership is $149 per year. Your membership in INSIDER gives you full access to all the research tools you need to have your best hunting season yet. It puts everything you need to know in one spot conveniently located online. All INSIDERS are automatically entered into our monthly giveaways.

Sartini: “You will notice right away that we value our members. Simply put we are the most aggressive in regards to industry giveaways. We reinvest into our members.”

What happens to the prizes left unclaimed or in the case a winner cannot accept?

Sartini: “Winners will be contacted by email and will have three days to claim their prize. If a winner does not respond within three days, goHUNT will offer the prize to an alternate until we have a winner. But for the record, we have not had any unclaimed giveaways so far.”

This month’s INSIDER dall sheep hunt giveaway is slightly different than normal:

  • On July 1st we will draw one winner and five alternates.
  • The winner will be called at 9am PST.
  • The winner has three chances to answer and will be called every 10 minutes.
  • If goHUNT does not hear from the winner, they will move on to alternate number 1 and so on.
  • Once they have connected with a winner by phone, the winner will have 60 minutes to tell goHUNT they accept or deny the hunt. The hunt is NON-transferable. The winner must be the one to actually hunt.

What has been the most rewarding giveaway to date?


Sartini: “In February, we gave away three P2PX Extreme Range Magnum Red Rock Precision custom rifles, each with a Huskemaw 5x20x50 Blue Diamond scope. We gave away $22,800 in rifles. Three INSIDER members now have top of the line rifles for this hunting season. They could not be happier.”

Sartini: “We think our up-and-coming dall sheep hunt is going to end up being the most rewarding giveaway that we have ever done. We are going to make someone’s dream hunt come true. The added excitement of making this happen in such a short amount of time for someone is going to be fun to watch and be a part of. It is very rare to get a chance to hunt sheep and we feel this is the opportunity of a lifetime!”

My Conclusion: This giveaway is a true level playing field for any goHUNT member. The reality is you or I could be hunting dall sheep in approximately 8 weeks!  These guys are honest in their approach and unmatched in their giveaways.

Winning this hunt would be an absolute dream; however, the ever expanding resource that is INSIDER is worth every bit of $149. I paid it. I utilized this and other tools as I applied to various states in 2015. I drew a Utah limited entry Wasatch elk tag. To say I am excited to chase bulls on the Wasatch would be an understatement. Although I didn’t need INSIDER as much for Utah, it was key to my first time attempt in other states. Worth it at $149? In my opinion yes. Worth it at $149 and a dall sheep hunt?  Ahhhhhh….PHONE SKOPE



Donnie Vincent, Hunting Isn’t So Hard To Explain

Have you seen it? Donnie Vincent filmed a short video posted to Vimeo and www.donnievincent.com titled “Who We Are.” It is a film that I have wanted to write about for some time. This short 7 minute film addresses the controversy surrounding the sport of hunting. It clears the air. How can you be a hunter? Why do you hunt? Donnie states “its hard to explain.”

Truth be told, hunting isn’t hard to explain when explained so perfectly. Donnie accomplishes just that in an absolutely stunning combination of footage and dead on narration. I have been captivated by this film’s scenery and message. What started as a 7 minute clip has turned into hours of re-runs of which I proudly admit my consumption. What starts as a topic “hard to explain” becomes crystal clear during this films narrative.


That being said, one cannot in general terms define all the people that hunt. As with all things, there are a select few that make the rest of us look like idiots. Those select few do not represent the vast majority. Those select few do not represent the true hunter. Donnie Vincent’s “Who We Are” is a representation of the true hunter. To count yourself a hunter there are 3 core principles taught in Donnie’s film that should guide your pursuit.

1. Preserve: Hunting plays an essential role in preserving our wildlife resources. This is clearly a guiding force in Donnie’s pursuit. If not for the hunters’ attention to conservation, our wildlife resources would be starved. PETA, hug a hunter for it is the hunter that sustains the resource for which you vow to protect. It is a love for the animal that sustains a drive to hunt, kill, and preserve this incredible resource. That’s right folks, it’s not simply about the “kill.”


2. Provide: You wouldn’t be here if not for the hunters and gatherers that have gone before you. I love that. Fact is, it’s true. Like Donnie, I find great pleasure in providing clean and sustainable meat for my family. I know where it comes from and I respectively harvest and utilize each and every kill. Donnie’s film touches perfectly on the pride that comes from harvesting an animal. It is a pride that comes by way of providing.


3. Push: Hunters understand what it means to work. They push their limits. They push the limits of their physical endurance and their equipment. They are fully vested in the process from start to finish. This level of work ethic is not found and discovered in your living room. “To experience fantastic things, you have to put yourself in fantastic places.” Hard work will get you there. Working hard is a key attribute of the true hunter.


In a day and age where everyone seems to be filming their own hunts, Donnie sets a standard few will achieve. This film is an absolute must see. If you have seen it already, watch it again. The principles taught should guide every single one of your hunting adventures. Nice work Donnie and team!

Visit www.donnieviscent.com for some amazing content. This film is clearly just the beginning for Donnie Viscent. With additional films like “The River’s Divide” and “Terra Nova,” I can’t wait to see what comes out of Donnie’s camp next! Your next stop should be the Donnie Vincent Store! Simply inspiring!