DIY Hunting: The Trophy Slayer’s 4 Skills

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I did well in college. Based upon grades the argument could be made that I was smart. I know that sounds funny. The reality is I was strategic.

My approach to getting good grades began at the beginning of the semester. Most guys spent the first few days phone skoping the hottest chicks in the class. My “in-class” strategy was much different and had nothing to do with hunting chicks. I simply identified the smartest and brightest students and hitched my wagon for the semester.

I would study with these students. I would ask them questions. I would review their notes.

Simply put, I surrounded myself with the smartest and brightest people in the room. They rubbed off on me.

You might wonder what this has to do with hunting? The reality is this has a lot to do with hunting. It has a lot to do with life. It has a lot to do with my new DIY Hunting Series on this blog.

Evans old Verizon 114
Evan Ault 2006 General Season Bruiser – This buck started it all!

Are you surrounding yourself with the best? Are you learning from the best? Are you hunting with the best? This series of posts will help you answer with a passionate “yes.”

Let me share with you 4 skills I have learned from one of the most successful DIY big game hunters I know. In 2006 Evan Ault killed a general season buck that he will surely never forget. It is his 06′ buck that gave him the bug! His DIY record since that time is pretty impressive and most the pictures on this post have been from the last 2-3 years. I have followed and hunted with Evan for 4 years and here are my observations:


1. The Best Spend the Time: Monster big game rarely come by way of luck. Let your passion drive you to spend time in the field. It is not enough to say you are passionate about the sport then stay put on your couch. Your hunt should not start on the opener and end on the season’s last day. Get out and spend the time required to kill a trophy. To a fault, Evan spends the time.


2. The Best Never Settle: It is extremely difficult to pass on a good buck. I have observed Evan pass several bucks and bulls that 99% of us would kill. This often happens at a time in the hunt when I am confident it was his last chance. The reality is he is willing to walk away. In magnificent fashion, he usually pulls something off within the last hour. Evan rarely chokes and never settles.


3. The Best Know the Area: This goes hand in hand with spending the time. A common fallacy amongst the haters is that money is the only path to area and success. I will tell you that a vast majority of Evan’s trophies were killed in general units across Utah and its surrounding states. Simply put, he studies the area. Trophy animals exist in your backyard, go find them. Study your area.


4. The Best Glass: If you only listen to one of these 4 steps, this is it! Growing up hunting, we covered a lot of country. We would load up the horses or put on the hiking boots and go, go, go. Every now and again we got lucky. At first I thought it odd that Evan would sit and glass for hours. I often thought, “let’s get going” or “we are wasting our time.” Seemingly out of nowhere and after painstaking time behind the glass, the mistake is made. Out of his bed that giant appears only for a short time. Trophy animals rarely make mistakes so you need to be ready. You need to find a highly visible vantage point and get behind the glass.

It is 100% worth the investment. Spending the time with the right optics, area, and vantage point have changed how I view hunting big game in the West. Here are some of hunting’s preferred brands of spotting scopes and tripods:

Spotting Scopes: Swarovski Optik, Vortex, Carl Zeiss, Nikon,

Tripods: Manfrotto

If you have dreamed of killing monster big game in the West, take these 4 DIY Hunting skills and implement them today. The results are undeniable.

Mexico hunt disney land 020

Evan's Iphone feb 2013 016

Mexico Dec 2012 035

Dads Elk 025






Mexico Dec 2012 011

Evan's Iphone feb 2013 005

Jason Mayne Elk Hunt 037

Evans Iphone April 2013 033


The Best Way to Cook Venison – The 3 Abilities

I know it is a bold statement to announce that I have found the absolute best way to cook venison. The reality is it’s true! I have based this on “The 3 Abilities.”

1. Ability to Preserve: Does it increase the shelf life of the meat?

2. Ability to Store: Can it be stored long-term at room temperature?

3. Ability to Use: Does it have multiple uses?

Do you take into consideration the ability to preserve, store, and use your meat? Or, are you simply wrapping and freezing?

Bottled meat preserves your harvest for 5-7 years. It will store at room temperature and the opportunities to use it are endless. We use our bottled meats in stew, on sandwiches, and in burritos on a regular basis.

If you are constantly waging war on freezer burn and freezer space, here are the top two recipes utilizing the #1 method to cooking venison.

1. Kody Smith at Kody’s recipe caught my attention due to the addition of bottled peppers and onions. He doesn’t over complicate the process yet adds a few extra elements that are sure to please! I personally keep it simple; however, I love the idea of throwing in these ingredients. Kody nails it with this recipe and his step by step guide to bottling venison.

Click the Link: DIY Meat Care: Bottled Venison


This recipe won’t disappoint. As an avid outdoorsman, Kody lends his experience to the vast resources found at Check these guys out! While visiting their site, be sure to read Kody’s other articles. He has got an awesome article on hunting with goats: Opening Day Success,  Expectations Come to Fruition.

Follow Kody and the team on instagram @splittine @gohunt @lsartini11

2. Angela at With over 752 articles on topics ranging from food storage, food preparation, survival, and prepping, Angela certainly knows her stuff! I loved this recipe for its simplicity. This is very similar to how we do it in our own home. This is a great way to get started and Angela’s blog is a must follow.

Click the Link: Home Canning Meat – Bottled Meat

Food Storage and SurvivalHome Canning Meat - Bottled Meat

Go visit for some incredible resources. Check out Angela on youtube and be sure to also follow her on Instagram @foodstorageandsurvival.

I hope these recipes proved helpful as you consider “The 3 Abilities” to preserving, storing, and utilizing your game meats now and in the future.

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Arizona Strip’s Top 10 Monster Mule Deer of 2014 (BRITTON’S EDITION)

The Arizona Strip is synonymous with monster mule deer. This Northwest section of the state produces some of largest mule deer in the world. Simply put, this portion of Arizona deserves its own Top 10.

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These bucks are in no particular order. Whether its #1 or #10 these bucks will draw you in as though all that matters in this world are big nasty monster mule deer. I tend to agree; however, I recently came across a picture that reminded me of what’s most important. Contrary to popular belief, its not monster mule deer.

imageThis is a picture of Jesse Shipp and his son Britton scouting for elk a few years back. Each time I see this picture my mind recalls some of my fondest memories in the outdoors. I have a similar picture with my own daughter Kate. It is no wonder this photo caught my attention. I had to know more. I continued clicking.

I landed on a loving sister’s blog. ( I couldn’t stop reading Autumn’s posts. She and her family are pretty awesome. Just over 7 weeks ago Britton Shipp was in a serious accident. He is in a coma; yet, he is having “little victories” everyday. He continues to fight like a champ with an army of supporters by his side. My prayers go out to the Shipp family.

Change can happen in the blink of an eye. Cherish every moment. Re-calibrate to the things that matter most. Thank you Shipp family for your example of faith, patience, and love. We are all watching and praying for the best!

You got this Britton. Open them eyes. This Top 10 is dedicated to you!

To learn more about Britton, please check out the following links: Believe For Britton, gofundme

Waylon Janousek’s 243 6/8″ Monster Buck / James Guide Service

1. Waylon Janousek: 243 6/8″ never looked so good! Congratulations to James Guide Service and Waylon on an absolute beast strip buck. I love the eye guards on this buck. To be honest, I love every inch of this ole’ boy. Nice work guys!

To learn more about Waylon’s buck check out these links: James Guide Service, James Guide Service on Facebook

John Gisi’s Massive  245″ Strip Buck / A3 Trophy Hunts

2. John Gisi: This buck gets me every time. Take a look at that buck’s left side! 245″ and mass for days! A3 Trophy Hunt’s facebook page and webpage is something to behold. These guys kill massive bucks year in year out. Two thumbs up for John Gisi and A3 in 2014. What a buck!

To learn more about John’s monster buck check out these links: A3 Trophy Hunts, A3 on Facebook, Follow A3 on instagram @a3trophyhunts

John Marin’s Amazing 217″ Bruiser / Arizona Strip Guides

3. John Marin: As with #2 on this list, the strip is producing some awesome lefties! The tripod and palmation on this buck’s left side is enough to get one’s blood boiling! Guide Josh Corbin, ASG, and John simply got it done this year. You guys should be proud! This is one of several monster ASG bucks in 2014. Nice work guys.

To learn more about John’s amazing strip buck check out these links: Arizona Strip Guides, Arizona Strip Guides on Facebook

Con Wadsworth 263″ Giant / A3 Trophy Hunts

3. Con Wadsworth: This list just keeps gettin’ better! How about 263″ better? Congratulations to Con and the A3 team on an absolute beast. This buck was killed early in the season with no regrets! Nice work guys.

To learn more about Con’s giant buck check out these links: A3 Trophy HuntsA3 on Facebook, Follow A3 on instagram @a3trophyhunts

Fred Proudfoot’s Cheater Claw Buck / Arizona Strip Guides

4. Fred Proudfoot: This old buck has some awesome character. I love the claw cheater on this buck! Nice work ASG on yet another monster buck! Congratulations to guide Cliff Amator and Fred on an amazing achievement.

To learn more about Fred’s buck check out these links: Arizona Strip GuidesArizona Strip Guides on Facebook

Drew Shipp’s Big Ole’ Velvet Buck / A3 Trophy Hunts

5. Drew Shipp: I love big velvet. This buck certainly fits the bill. Again, A3 is knocking down some big deer. Congratulations Drew and A3 crew on an absolutely beautiful buck. You can’t beat the tripod on this buck. Great job guys!

To learn more about Drew’s big velvet buck check out these links: A3 Trophy HuntsA3 on Facebook, Follow A3 on instagram @a3trophyhunts

Jim’s Gross 224.3″ Monster Buck / A3 Trophy Hunts

6. Jim: With a gross score of 223.3″ this buck is big, tall, and deep. These bucks may lead you to believe that killing a monster buck on the strip is an easy task. Jim hunted hard for 9 days in order to have an opportunity on such a magnificent animal. Congrats to Jim and A3 team on a huge main frame buck!

To learn more about Drew’s big velvet buck check out these links: A3 Trophy HuntsA3 on Facebook, Follow A3 on instagram @a3trophyhunts

Unknown Hunter with a 253″ Arizona Strip Bruiser / Chad’s Guide Service

7. Hunter Unknown: Chad’s Guide Service has killed some giants this year. At 253″ this buck is right on top. Congratulations to both the hunter and Chad’s Guide Service on an incredible buck.

To learn more about Chad’s Guide Services check them out on Facebook at the following link: Chad’s Guide Service on Facebook

Ryan Diquatrro and his Amazing 210″ Typical / Arizona Strip Guides

8. Ryan Diquattro: This is one of the most impressive typical bucks I have ever seen. To break 200″ as a typical is quite a feat. At 210″ Ryan’s archery buck is in a class of its own. Well done ASG. congratulations Ryan on an absolutely beautiful typical.

To learn more about Ryan’s monster typical check out these links: Arizona Strip GuidesArizona Strip Guides on Facebook

The Curtis Family and 635″ of Strip Bone (240″ 40″ Outside Spread) / A3 Trophy Hunts

9. The Curtis Family: The Curtis family killed 3 absolute giants on the strip this year. You have to go check out A3 Trophy Hunts to see all 3. It is worth your time! This giant came in at 240″ with a 40″ outside spread. The Curtis family pulled down 635″ of Arizona strip bone all in 2014! (240″ 210″ 185″) I am pretty sure that is a family record. Nice work guys (and gal)!

To learn more about the Curtis family and their 635″ year, check out these links: A3 Trophy HuntsA3 on Facebook, Follow A3 on instagram @a3trophyhunts

John McClendon and his Pending World Record Typical / Arizona Strip Guides

10. John McClendon: Congratulations to John and the ASG team on this pending world record book slammer. Very few could get this done with a rifle let alone a bow. I have a great deal of respect for the archer and John you’re one of them. Great job on such an amazing animal.

To learn more about John’s record book buck check out these links: Arizona Strip GuidesArizona Strip Guides on Facebook, Pending World Record

BONUS BUCKS: Alright ya’ll, we have come to #10 and this list just can’t end. The Arizona strip is going to keep on giving with some additional giants that deserve a spot here on the list. Check out the links to learn more about Britton’s Edition of Bonus Bucks for 2014.


To learn more about this buck, check out these links: A3 Trophy HuntsA3 on Facebook, Follow A3 on instagram @a3trophyhunts


To learn more about this buck, check out these links: Arizona Strip GuidesArizona Strip Guides on Facebook


To learn more about Skip Rimsza monster strip buck and Mule Deer Addiction take a look at the following links: Mule Deer Addiction, Mule Deer Addiction on Facebook


To learn more about Chad’s Guide Services check them out on Facebook at the following link: Chad’s Guide Service on Facebook


Colorado’s Top 10 Monster Mule Deer of 2014

Colorado produced some absolute monster mule deer in 2014. I have been looking forward to this post for some time! From 200″ to a whopping 308″ this is an awesome compilation of some magnificent animals.

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Brett Ross’ 308 1/2″ King of Kings / Muley Crazy Magazine

1. Brett Ross: Every now and then a buck comes along that absolutely takes social media by storm. Everyone has been talking about Brett Ross’ DIY Western slope King of Kings. With 308 1/2″ of DIY bone, this buck is an obvious #1 in 2014. It is also one of the 10 largest non-typicals to ever be harvested.

Although the rest of these bucks are in no particular order, it is only right we begin with this giant. Congratulations to Brett Ross on harvesting this true King of Kings.

If you have ever thought 300″ deer were only a thing of fantasy, check out Muley Crazy magazine! They are starting 2015 off right with two 300″ bucks back to back in their January and February issues. Here’s to hoping the wife will put a subscription to Muley Crazy in my stocking!

Check out these links for more information on Brett Ross’s King of Mule Deer: Muley Crazy Magazine, Muley Crazy on Facebook, Muley Crazy Store

Ashley Ratkovich’s 259″ Monster Buck

2. Ashley Ratkovich: Like the ladies that dominated Utah’s elk scene this year in Utah’s Top 10 Monster Elk of 2014, Ashley got it done on this monster 259″ DIY buck! Congrats on a beautiful buck! This buck has got it all and deserves a spot on this list!

Mike Kinney’s 255″ Governor’s Tag Giant Non-Typical / Muley Connection, The Legends Channel

3. Mike Kinney: It is a hard thing to beat 255″ of perfect velvet. Mike downed a buck of a lifetime with his coveted Governor’s tag this year in Colorado. The Muley Connection team and The Legend Channel filmed this entire hunt and it is currently available for your viewing pleasure! Check it out at It is a must see!

Check out these links for more information on Mike Kinney’s amazing buck: Muley Connection, Muley Connection on Facebook, Legends Channel on Youtube

Cody, Jeremy, and Brandy / @massntrash @wicoating on Instagram

4. Cody: This buck has got some awesome character. What an awesome buck. Pictured with Cody are Jeremy Joyner @massntrash and Brandy Williams @wicoating on instagram. Take a minute to follow these guys. These guys post some amazing content. Congratulations Cody on an awesome Colorado slob.

Hunter Unknown 227″Slob / Birdsall Taxidermy

5. Hunter Unknown: This buck really is one of my favorites coming out of Colorado in 2014. Birdsall Taxidermy will be doing the work on this 227″ Colorado slob. Congrats to the hunter (not pictured) that was lucky enough to harvest this amazing buck!

If you are in Colorado, check out Birdsall Taxidermy. They do some incredible work. Check out these links for more information on Birdsall Taxidermy: Birdsall Taxidermy, Birdsall Taxidermy on Facebook

Charlie and Alex (Father and Son) with their 240″ and 200″ Bruisers

6&7. Father (Charlie) and Son (Alex) Duo: At 240″ and 200″+ this is exactly how I hoped every outing with my own father might go. I have had some great memories with my father but nothing that compares to whacking two monsters bucks on the same trip. Congrats to Charlie and Alex on some absolute monster deer.

Tim Laing’s 200″ DIY Archery Giant

8. Tim Laing: I have a great deal of respect for the DIY archery hunter. With a 200″ bruiser to his name, Tim finds himself in a very elite group of bow hunters. Their patience and dedication is unmatched. Tim Laing represents every DIY bow hunter well. The mass on this buck is awesome. Nice work Tim!

Check out these links for more information on Tim’s buck:

Larry Spillers 200″ Monster Typical / Bull Basin Guides and Outfitters

9. Larry Spillers: Larry downed this 200″ bruiser with the help of Bull Basin Guides and Outfitters. Bull Basin kills some big bucks year after year. It hard to beat a beautiful typical frame and I am a sucker for big deep forks. This buck has got it! I am sure this ole’ boy got Larry’s blood boiling as he zeroed in. Awesome buck Larry!

For more information on Larry’s Colorado buck check out the following links: Bull Basin Guides and Outfitters, Bull Basin Guides and Outfitters on Facebook

Hunter Unknown, Colorado Eastern Plains Non-Typical

10. Hunter Unknown: Here is another confirmed bruiser coming out of Colorado in 2014. This Eastern plains giant has some awesome trash. I would love to know more about this buck. For now, we will sit back and enjoy! Congratulations to the hunter in this photo.

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Hunter, You Sound Like an Idiot

There is a great sense of community that comes from social media. We share in our pursuit and compliment each other’s success. Within our hunting network, we stick together.

This is true except for a special kind of stupid lurking within our social networks. For the purpose of this post I name you “Hunter.”

Hunter, you sound like an idiot. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. You are the self-appointed score guru. You often amaze even yourself with your uncanny ability to derive score, location, and complete back story in one picture. A friendly game of “guessing score” is fun but you my friend will publicly challenge any one person’s personal harvest stats. You are the score guru.

2. You define ethics. Your shots are always perfect. Ethical shot distance and placement is something only a rare professional like yourself could possibly define. You never miss nor have you ever taken a questionable shot. You define ethics.

3. You are the real hunter. By definition it is only hunting if it is done your way. Only you know the meaning of truly working hard for that shot. Trophies killed by anyone but yourself probably didn’t require true hunting. Those people take short cuts and get lucky. You will let them know because you are the real hunter.

4. You hate money. You are certain others’ success simply comes by way of money. There is no other explanation for their success over your own. You and your ability to hunt is hindered by the rich. You hate money.

5. You define a trophy. Despite the personal accomplishment of harvesting an animal big or small, you have final say in whether or not it is a true trophy. This often comes at the expense of others; however, it is your job to speak up. You define a trophy.

So Hunter, I echo my previous message by telling you sound like an idiot. These 5 attributes are often delivered in the form of assumptions. At times I may agree with you; yet, your delivery needs work.

Guess scores without calling people out on their perceived or real accomplishments.

Hunt within your ethical skill set recognizing everyone is different.

Grasp that we are all hunters in our own right and share a passion for the sport.

Acknowledge success can come to those with or without money.

Accept that you sound stupid when you belittle one’s trophy big or small.

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Utah’s Top 10 Monster Elk of 2014

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Utah is no stranger to monster elk and 2014 just reinforced that relationship.

I have to begin this list by congratulating the women of 2014! As the fastest growing segment of outdoor enthusiasts, the women absolutely downed the most impressive bulls of the year. Ladies, you showed us how it’s done!

Man or woman I think we can all agree that elk hunting is just plain exciting. The sound of monster elk bugling simply demands you listen. Those moments solicit butterflies reserved only for special occasions.

I am certain butterflies were felt in the pursuit of these 10 magnificent animals! These bulls are in NO particular order.

2014 ELK
Wade Lemon Hunting (435) 795-2299

1. Leo Goss: Wade Lemon Hunting and Leo Goss got it done on one of this year’s greatest bulls. The character of this 5×7 giant is simply amazing. Congratulations Leo and WLM!

Check out these links for more information on Leo’s bull: Wade Lemon Hunting, Wade Lemon Hunting on Facebook, follow WLM on instagram @wlhunting

Candice Hogan’s Massive 414″ Dubbed “TITUS” / DIY

2. Candice Hogan: Talk about mass! The pictures of this animal on the Tines Up Forum are incredible. Click this link. Special to this hunt was the DIY husband and wife team. Candice and Wes Hogan put in a great deal of time pursuing this bull together. Their hard work paid off!  Congrats Candice!

Check out these links for more information on Candice’s bull: Tines Up ForumTines Up FacebookTrophy Hunter MagazineTrophy Hunter Magazine on FacebookTines Up Store, follow Tines Up on instagram @tinesup @trophyhuntermagazine

2014 ELK 2
Sheridan Newsome’s 391″ Brute / Mossback Outfitters 877-682-2079

3. Sheridan Newsome: All 391″ of this bull demand respect. This beast just looks old and gnarly. Congrats Sheridan on an amazing animal. This bull’s fronts are packed full of character.

Check out these links for more information on Sheridan’s Bull: Mossback, Mossback Online StoreMossback Facebook, follow Mossback on instagram @mossbackoutfitters

Jakes Archery 400 in Typcial 2014 Elk
Bob Jake Jacobsen’s 400″ Monster Typical / Jake’s Archery 801-225-9202

4. Bob Jake Jacobsen: Jake’s Archery in Orem, Utah provides some of the best archery equipment and service in Utah County. Jake’s Archery has been in business for over 50 years and its owner clearly knows big bulls. Congrats Jake on an absolute toad!

Check out these links for more information on Jake’s Bull: Jake’s ArcheryJake’s Archery on Facebook, Follow Jake’s Archery on instagram @jakesarchery

Chris Gaby’s Behemoth 407″ Typical / Mossback Outfitters 877-682-2079

5. Chris Gaby: At a gross score of 407″ this typical is simply beautiful. There is not a single weak attribute to this bull. Congratulations to Chris and Mossback on such a fine trophy.

Check out these links for more information on Chris Gaby’s Bull: MossbackMossback Online StoreMossback Facebook, follow Mossback on instagram @mossbackoutfitters

Rick Houghton’s 394″ Giant Typical / DC Outfitters

6. Rick Houghton: Giant typicals continue to hit the dirt and this big bull is no exception. Having a shot at this bull required passing on several great bulls. That is never easy to do! With a bit of patience and a lot of hard work Rick was able to down this beast. Congratulations Rick on an awesome bull.

Go check out @ryan_dcoutfitters and @rhoughton10 on instagram for more info on Rick Houghton’s bull.

Wade Lemon Hunting (435) 795-2299

7. Cole Medlin: Out of state hunter Cole Medlin downed this bull with the help of Wade Lemon Hunting on public land. Take a look at those fronts! Congrats Cole on a bull of a lifetime.

Check out these links for more information on Cole’s bull: Wade Lemon HuntingWade Lemon Hunting on Facebook, follow WLM on instagram @wlhunting

Tyler Robinson’s 394″ Public Land Bruiser / DIY

8. Tyler Robinson: With 80″ of mass at 394″ this public land DIY bull is truly a monster. Tyler and his bull have certainly earned their spot on this list!  Congratulations Tyler on an amazing animal. Proof again that big bulls are out there for the DIY hunter.

Doyle Fredrickson’s 395 6/8″ Perfect Typical / Western Lands Outfitters 801-430-0876

9. Doyle Fredrickson: This bull has it all and defines what it means to be a monster typical. With the help of Western Lands Outfitters, Doyle was fortunate enough to harvest this 395 6/8″ beast. Congrats Doyle!

Check out these links for more information on Doyle’s bull: Western Lands Outfitters, Western Lands Outfitters on Facebook, Western Lands Long Range Shooting School, follow Western Lands Outfitters on instagram @westernlandsoutfitters


446″ Mystery Bull

10. 446″ Mystery Bull: This time around I have reserved the best for last. There is little on the web and social media regarding this bull. It is a giant. It is also the biggest bull killed in Utah this year. I would imagine you want more “color” into the back story of this bull?

That color has been promised in a future issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine. I am looking forward to the publication! What I do know is this lady and her bull are leading the pack of monster bulls for 2014!

Check out these links for more information on the 446″ Mystery bull: Tines Up ForumTines Up FacebookTrophy Hunter MagazineTrophy Hunter Magazine on FacebookTines Up Store, follow Tines Up on instagram @tinesup @trophyhuntermagazine


After publishing my lists I always stumble upon some clear misses. These are animals that deserve a spot but whose pictures may not be in active circulation. The “Bonus Bull” category within the Top 10 is largely attributed to my readers and their willingness to tell me where I may have got it wrong. I have listened. Thanks for bringing these bulls to my attention!

Aram Von Benedikt’s Giant 404 4/8″ DIY Custom Black powder

BONUS Aram Von Benedikt: Reminiscent of the most interesting man in the world, Aram built his own custom black powder rifle and harvested this Utah 404 4/8″ giant all DIY. Check out that beautiful gun.

Aram is a contributor with Outdoor Life. He puts out some amazing content. We all have something to learn from Aram.  Check him out HERE!

Ashley’s 445″ Utah Behemoth / Timber Mountain Outfitters /Tines Up

BONUS Ashley: Wow what a year for women! The Bess family and Timber Mountain Outfitters got it done on yet another behemoth bull. At 445″ there are few to challenge this bull’s sheer size. Congrats Ashley, Timber Mountain Outfitters, and Tines Up!

More information on Ashley’s bull with links coming soon.

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Contributors: JD Heiner, Evan Ault