The 5 Dangers of Hunting

WARNING: Hunting is dangerous. There is a high probability you will slip, wreck, fall, or trip while participating in this activity. You may experience exhaustion, lack of fluids, discomfort, insomnia, fever, disorientation, and possible death. In extreme cases you may receive death threats from animal right activists, government regulation on your weapons, and media crucification. Hunt at your own risk recognizing that in some cases you may also be hunted by the following predators: mosquitos, spiders, snakes, hogs, wolves, lions, and tigers, and bears oh my.


This past week found me perched upon a high mountain point glassing monster elk. It was an unusually cold morning. Although mid-summer, I was freezing. My body temperature was dropping. This caused me to reflect on the above warning label and the dangers associated with hunting.

I began to question my sanity. What was I thinking? What sort of craziness forced me into the elements at 4:15 am when I could have been nestled in my bed? It was at that moment that I realized the most probable dangers that lurk are not always as they seem.

These 5 dangers are very real and worth taking into consideration as you evaluate the risks and rewards associated with hunting.

  1. Improved Health: A hunter may engage in varying levels of physical activity. Whether you #trainhardhuntharder or just plain #hunt you risk experiencing improved physical and mental health. Consider yourself warned.
  2. Increased Happiness: Go ahead, test it!
  3. Self Sufficiency: Hunting is the training ground for survival and self sufficiency. Your reliance on hormonal grocery store meat may be reduced significantly. You may experience an overflowing freezer and an improved survival skill set ideal for difficult times ahead.
  4. Fortified Relationships: Give it a try. Unplug. Unwind. You may find yourself focused on the present and the people in it.
  5. Greater Appreciation: You cannot appreciate an early morning until you’ve risen for it. You cannot appreciate God’s creations until you’ve witnessed it. You cannot appreciate clean and lean meat until you’ve harvested it. You cannot appreciate your ability to survive until you’ve tested it. You cannot understand the pursuit until you’ve pursued it. You cannot conserve and protect a species until you’ve valued it. Be careful as this represents unusual levels of gratitude in these entitled and ungrateful times.

WARNING: Hunting will likely result in improved health and increased happiness. Other side effects could include a self sufficient lifestyle, fortified relationships, and a greater sense of appreciation in your life. If you experience these or any other symptoms please consult your local Division of Wildlife Resources office, your favorite guide, or your friends and family to plan your next hunt.


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