Mommas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Michael Moore!

Like many of you I was struck by Michael Moore’s recent comments regarding the film American Sniper. Here is a little twitter refresher:

“My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes. And invaders r worse”  -Michael Moore

It was the small section of his tweet that referenced his youth which caught my attention. Admittedly, he was “taught snipers were cowards.” Is it possible that the pathetic platform with which Mr. Moore has built his career began in the home? Is his life the result of what he was taught in his youth?

Now I have to give the guy credit, he got us all talking. That is certainly a win for Mr. Moore. Congrats big fella. Somebody get that man a celebratory éclair. On a more serious note and the spirit of an old Willie Nelson song, mommas don’t let you babies grow up to be Michael Moore!

In classic Michael fashion, he missed an opportunity to express gratitude for the selfless sacrifice of his uncle. This of course comes as no surprise. Michael’s whole life has been spent focused on the symbolic sniper.

I am grateful for a mother who taught me that ungrateful behavior deserved a slap upside the head. My own mother typically governed such slaps with a feather. It was my father who would gladly reinforce their unified message with more attention grabbing measures.

It is time we capture the attention of America’s youth. We will do this in the home. Simply put, we do not need another Michael Moore. We need to develop our youth to lead lives full of gratitude. We need another Chris Kyle. An attitude of gratitude is either gained or lost in youth and is orchestrated in the home. Here are 4 attitudes each of our youth should be learning at home:

  1. Be grateful to those that gave their life for you
  2. Be grateful to those that fight for you
  3. Be grateful to those that expect only the best out of you
  4. Be grateful to those that provide for you

Lastly, be sure to direct these attitudes of gratitude down the right path. These can be misplaced. It would come as no surprise if Michael Moore himself subscribed to his own version of the above 4 attitudes. Misplaced gratitude may be a greater evil to no gratitude. Misplaced gratitude may even find you at the receiving end of an American Sniper’s trigger. I am sure ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban can tell you all about that.

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