The Best Way to Cook Venison – The 3 Abilities

I know it is a bold statement to announce that I have found the absolute best way to cook venison. The reality is it’s true! I have based this on “The 3 Abilities.”

1. Ability to Preserve: Does it increase the shelf life of the meat?

2. Ability to Store: Can it be stored long-term at room temperature?

3. Ability to Use: Does it have multiple uses?

Do you take into consideration the ability to preserve, store, and use your meat? Or, are you simply wrapping and freezing?

Bottled meat preserves your harvest for 5-7 years. It will store at room temperature and the opportunities to use it are endless. We use our bottled meats in stew, on sandwiches, and in burritos on a regular basis.

If you are constantly waging war on freezer burn and freezer space, here are the top two recipes utilizing the #1 method to cooking venison.

1. Kody Smith at Kody’s recipe caught my attention due to the addition of bottled peppers and onions. He doesn’t over complicate the process yet adds a few extra elements that are sure to please! I personally keep it simple; however, I love the idea of throwing in these ingredients. Kody nails it with this recipe and his step by step guide to bottling venison.

Click the Link: DIY Meat Care: Bottled Venison


This recipe won’t disappoint. As an avid outdoorsman, Kody lends his experience to the vast resources found at Check these guys out! While visiting their site, be sure to read Kody’s other articles. He has got an awesome article on hunting with goats: Opening Day Success,  Expectations Come to Fruition.

Follow Kody and the team on instagram @splittine @gohunt @lsartini11

2. Angela at With over 752 articles on topics ranging from food storage, food preparation, survival, and prepping, Angela certainly knows her stuff! I loved this recipe for its simplicity. This is very similar to how we do it in our own home. This is a great way to get started and Angela’s blog is a must follow.

Click the Link: Home Canning Meat – Bottled Meat

Food Storage and SurvivalHome Canning Meat - Bottled Meat

Go visit for some incredible resources. Check out Angela on youtube and be sure to also follow her on Instagram @foodstorageandsurvival.

I hope these recipes proved helpful as you consider “The 3 Abilities” to preserving, storing, and utilizing your game meats now and in the future.

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