Colorado’s Top 10 Monster Mule Deer of 2014

Colorado produced some absolute monster mule deer in 2014. I have been looking forward to this post for some time! From 200″ to a whopping 308″ this is an awesome compilation of some magnificent animals.

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Brett Ross’ 308 1/2″ King of Kings / Muley Crazy Magazine

1. Brett Ross: Every now and then a buck comes along that absolutely takes social media by storm. Everyone has been talking about Brett Ross’ DIY Western slope King of Kings. With 308 1/2″ of DIY bone, this buck is an obvious #1 in 2014. It is also one of the 10 largest non-typicals to ever be harvested.

Although the rest of these bucks are in no particular order, it is only right we begin with this giant. Congratulations to Brett Ross on harvesting this true King of Kings.

If you have ever thought 300″ deer were only a thing of fantasy, check out Muley Crazy magazine! They are starting 2015 off right with two 300″ bucks back to back in their January and February issues. Here’s to hoping the wife will put a subscription to Muley Crazy in my stocking!

Check out these links for more information on Brett Ross’s King of Mule Deer: Muley Crazy Magazine, Muley Crazy on Facebook, Muley Crazy Store

Ashley Ratkovich’s 259″ Monster Buck

2. Ashley Ratkovich: Like the ladies that dominated Utah’s elk scene this year in Utah’s Top 10 Monster Elk of 2014, Ashley got it done on this monster 259″ DIY buck! Congrats on a beautiful buck! This buck has got it all and deserves a spot on this list!

Mike Kinney’s 255″ Governor’s Tag Giant Non-Typical / Muley Connection, The Legends Channel

3. Mike Kinney: It is a hard thing to beat 255″ of perfect velvet. Mike downed a buck of a lifetime with his coveted Governor’s tag this year in Colorado. The Muley Connection team and The Legend Channel filmed this entire hunt and it is currently available for your viewing pleasure! Check it out at It is a must see!

Check out these links for more information on Mike Kinney’s amazing buck: Muley Connection, Muley Connection on Facebook, Legends Channel on Youtube

Cody, Jeremy, and Brandy / @massntrash @wicoating on Instagram

4. Cody: This buck has got some awesome character. What an awesome buck. Pictured with Cody are Jeremy Joyner @massntrash and Brandy Williams @wicoating on instagram. Take a minute to follow these guys. These guys post some amazing content. Congratulations Cody on an awesome Colorado slob.

Hunter Unknown 227″Slob / Birdsall Taxidermy

5. Hunter Unknown: This buck really is one of my favorites coming out of Colorado in 2014. Birdsall Taxidermy will be doing the work on this 227″ Colorado slob. Congrats to the hunter (not pictured) that was lucky enough to harvest this amazing buck!

If you are in Colorado, check out Birdsall Taxidermy. They do some incredible work. Check out these links for more information on Birdsall Taxidermy: Birdsall Taxidermy, Birdsall Taxidermy on Facebook

Charlie and Alex (Father and Son) with their 240″ and 200″ Bruisers

6&7. Father (Charlie) and Son (Alex) Duo: At 240″ and 200″+ this is exactly how I hoped every outing with my own father might go. I have had some great memories with my father but nothing that compares to whacking two monsters bucks on the same trip. Congrats to Charlie and Alex on some absolute monster deer.

Tim Laing’s 200″ DIY Archery Giant

8. Tim Laing: I have a great deal of respect for the DIY archery hunter. With a 200″ bruiser to his name, Tim finds himself in a very elite group of bow hunters. Their patience and dedication is unmatched. Tim Laing represents every DIY bow hunter well. The mass on this buck is awesome. Nice work Tim!

Check out these links for more information on Tim’s buck:

Larry Spillers 200″ Monster Typical / Bull Basin Guides and Outfitters

9. Larry Spillers: Larry downed this 200″ bruiser with the help of Bull Basin Guides and Outfitters. Bull Basin kills some big bucks year after year. It hard to beat a beautiful typical frame and I am a sucker for big deep forks. This buck has got it! I am sure this ole’ boy got Larry’s blood boiling as he zeroed in. Awesome buck Larry!

For more information on Larry’s Colorado buck check out the following links: Bull Basin Guides and Outfitters, Bull Basin Guides and Outfitters on Facebook

Hunter Unknown, Colorado Eastern Plains Non-Typical

10. Hunter Unknown: Here is another confirmed bruiser coming out of Colorado in 2014. This Eastern plains giant has some awesome trash. I would love to know more about this buck. For now, we will sit back and enjoy! Congratulations to the hunter in this photo.

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