Hunter, You Sound Like an Idiot

There is a great sense of community that comes from social media. We share in our pursuit and compliment each other’s success. Within our hunting network, we stick together.

This is true except for a special kind of stupid lurking within our social networks. For the purpose of this post I name you “Hunter.”

Hunter, you sound like an idiot. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. You are the self-appointed score guru. You often amaze even yourself with your uncanny ability to derive score, location, and complete back story in one picture. A friendly game of “guessing score” is fun but you my friend will publicly challenge any one person’s personal harvest stats. You are the score guru.

2. You define ethics. Your shots are always perfect. Ethical shot distance and placement is something only a rare professional like yourself could possibly define. You never miss nor have you ever taken a questionable shot. You define ethics.

3. You are the real hunter. By definition it is only hunting if it is done your way. Only you know the meaning of truly working hard for that shot. Trophies killed by anyone but yourself probably didn’t require true hunting. Those people take short cuts and get lucky. You will let them know because you are the real hunter.

4. You hate money. You are certain others’ success simply comes by way of money. There is no other explanation for their success over your own. You and your ability to hunt is hindered by the rich. You hate money.

5. You define a trophy. Despite the personal accomplishment of harvesting an animal big or small, you have final say in whether or not it is a true trophy. This often comes at the expense of others; however, it is your job to speak up. You define a trophy.

So Hunter, I echo my previous message by telling you sound like an idiot. These 5 attributes are often delivered in the form of assumptions. At times I may agree with you; yet, your delivery needs work.

Guess scores without calling people out on their perceived or real accomplishments.

Hunt within your ethical skill set recognizing everyone is different.

Grasp that we are all hunters in our own right and share a passion for the sport.

Acknowledge success can come to those with or without money.

Accept that you sound stupid when you belittle one’s trophy big or small.

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