Utah’s Top 10 Monster Elk of 2014

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Utah is no stranger to monster elk and 2014 just reinforced that relationship.

I have to begin this list by congratulating the women of 2014! As the fastest growing segment of outdoor enthusiasts, the women absolutely downed the most impressive bulls of the year. Ladies, you showed us how it’s done!

Man or woman I think we can all agree that elk hunting is just plain exciting. The sound of monster elk bugling simply demands you listen. Those moments solicit butterflies reserved only for special occasions.

I am certain butterflies were felt in the pursuit of these 10 magnificent animals! These bulls are in NO particular order.

2014 ELK
Wade Lemon Hunting (435) 795-2299

1. Leo Goss: Wade Lemon Hunting and Leo Goss got it done on one of this year’s greatest bulls. The character of this 5×7 giant is simply amazing. Congratulations Leo and WLM!

Check out these links for more information on Leo’s bull: Wade Lemon Hunting, Wade Lemon Hunting on Facebook, follow WLM on instagram @wlhunting

Candice Hogan’s Massive 414″ Dubbed “TITUS” / DIY

2. Candice Hogan: Talk about mass! The pictures of this animal on the Tines Up Forum are incredible. Click this link. Special to this hunt was the DIY husband and wife team. Candice and Wes Hogan put in a great deal of time pursuing this bull together. Their hard work paid off!  Congrats Candice!

Check out these links for more information on Candice’s bull: Tines Up ForumTines Up FacebookTrophy Hunter MagazineTrophy Hunter Magazine on FacebookTines Up Store, follow Tines Up on instagram @tinesup @trophyhuntermagazine

2014 ELK 2
Sheridan Newsome’s 391″ Brute / Mossback Outfitters 877-682-2079

3. Sheridan Newsome: All 391″ of this bull demand respect. This beast just looks old and gnarly. Congrats Sheridan on an amazing animal. This bull’s fronts are packed full of character.

Check out these links for more information on Sheridan’s Bull: Mossback, Mossback Online StoreMossback Facebook, follow Mossback on instagram @mossbackoutfitters

Jakes Archery 400 in Typcial 2014 Elk
Bob Jake Jacobsen’s 400″ Monster Typical / Jake’s Archery 801-225-9202

4. Bob Jake Jacobsen: Jake’s Archery in Orem, Utah provides some of the best archery equipment and service in Utah County. Jake’s Archery has been in business for over 50 years and its owner clearly knows big bulls. Congrats Jake on an absolute toad!

Check out these links for more information on Jake’s Bull: Jake’s ArcheryJake’s Archery on Facebook, Follow Jake’s Archery on instagram @jakesarchery

Chris Gaby’s Behemoth 407″ Typical / Mossback Outfitters 877-682-2079

5. Chris Gaby: At a gross score of 407″ this typical is simply beautiful. There is not a single weak attribute to this bull. Congratulations to Chris and Mossback on such a fine trophy.

Check out these links for more information on Chris Gaby’s Bull: MossbackMossback Online StoreMossback Facebook, follow Mossback on instagram @mossbackoutfitters

Rick Houghton’s 394″ Giant Typical / DC Outfitters

6. Rick Houghton: Giant typicals continue to hit the dirt and this big bull is no exception. Having a shot at this bull required passing on several great bulls. That is never easy to do! With a bit of patience and a lot of hard work Rick was able to down this beast. Congratulations Rick on an awesome bull.

Go check out @ryan_dcoutfitters and @rhoughton10 on instagram for more info on Rick Houghton’s bull.

Wade Lemon Hunting (435) 795-2299

7. Cole Medlin: Out of state hunter Cole Medlin downed this bull with the help of Wade Lemon Hunting on public land. Take a look at those fronts! Congrats Cole on a bull of a lifetime.

Check out these links for more information on Cole’s bull: Wade Lemon HuntingWade Lemon Hunting on Facebook, follow WLM on instagram @wlhunting

Tyler Robinson’s 394″ Public Land Bruiser / DIY

8. Tyler Robinson: With 80″ of mass at 394″ this public land DIY bull is truly a monster. Tyler and his bull have certainly earned their spot on this list!  Congratulations Tyler on an amazing animal. Proof again that big bulls are out there for the DIY hunter.

Doyle Fredrickson’s 395 6/8″ Perfect Typical / Western Lands Outfitters 801-430-0876

9. Doyle Fredrickson: This bull has it all and defines what it means to be a monster typical. With the help of Western Lands Outfitters, Doyle was fortunate enough to harvest this 395 6/8″ beast. Congrats Doyle!

Check out these links for more information on Doyle’s bull: Western Lands Outfitters, Western Lands Outfitters on Facebook, Western Lands Long Range Shooting School, follow Western Lands Outfitters on instagram @westernlandsoutfitters


446″ Mystery Bull

10. 446″ Mystery Bull: This time around I have reserved the best for last. There is little on the web and social media regarding this bull. It is a giant. It is also the biggest bull killed in Utah this year. I would imagine you want more “color” into the back story of this bull?

That color has been promised in a future issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine. I am looking forward to the publication! What I do know is this lady and her bull are leading the pack of monster bulls for 2014!

Check out these links for more information on the 446″ Mystery bull: Tines Up ForumTines Up FacebookTrophy Hunter MagazineTrophy Hunter Magazine on FacebookTines Up Store, follow Tines Up on instagram @tinesup @trophyhuntermagazine


After publishing my lists I always stumble upon some clear misses. These are animals that deserve a spot but whose pictures may not be in active circulation. The “Bonus Bull” category within the Top 10 is largely attributed to my readers and their willingness to tell me where I may have got it wrong. I have listened. Thanks for bringing these bulls to my attention!

Aram Von Benedikt’s Giant 404 4/8″ DIY Custom Black powder

BONUS Aram Von Benedikt: Reminiscent of the most interesting man in the world, Aram built his own custom black powder rifle and harvested this Utah 404 4/8″ giant all DIY. Check out that beautiful gun.

Aram is a contributor with Outdoor Life. He puts out some amazing content. We all have something to learn from Aram.  Check him out HERE!

Ashley’s 445″ Utah Behemoth / Timber Mountain Outfitters /Tines Up

BONUS Ashley: Wow what a year for women! The Bess family and Timber Mountain Outfitters got it done on yet another behemoth bull. At 445″ there are few to challenge this bull’s sheer size. Congrats Ashley, Timber Mountain Outfitters, and Tines Up!

More information on Ashley’s bull with links coming soon.

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Contributors: JD Heiner, Evan Ault

Utah’s Top 10 Monster Mule Deer of 2014 (OUTFITTERS EDITION)

Utah produces some of the largest mule deer in the world. There is no doubt that Utah lived up to its reputation in 2014.

I have dug deep into various social media outlets and websites looking for Utah’s most impressive monster mule deer of 2014. This list is not based upon score alone. These 10 bucks simply provoke awe and wonder. I hope you enjoy!

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Albert Richard’s 277 6/8″ Governor’s Tag Giant / Mossback Outfitters / 365 Pursuit

1. Albert Richard: The bucks on this Top 10 are listed in no particular order; however, it is only appropriate that I start with this particular buck! Congrats to Albert Richard, Mossback, and 365 Pursuit on an absolute giant. Thank you Albert for your contributions to wildlife conservation.

Check out these links for more information on Albert’s buck: Mossback, Mossback Online Store, Mossback Facebook, 365 Pursuit, 365 Pursuit Facebook.

Make sure you follow @365Pursuit on instagram.  These guys never disappoint.


2. Kolton Probert: Kolten and High Top Outfitters got it done on this 240″ monster mule deer! There is a great story about Kolten’s experience on Kings Camo. Congrats Kolten on a truly magnificent animal. It’ll be hard to top this giant. Good thing you’ll have a lifetime to do just that. Good luck!

Check out these links for more information on Kolton’s buck: High Top Outfitters, High Top Outfitter Facebook, Phone Skope, Phone Skope Facebook, Wild Bone, Wild Bone Facebook

Rick Bess' Henry Mountains 213" North Rim Outfitters
Rick Bess’ Henry Mountains Tall N’ Massive 213″ / North Rim Outfitters

3. Rick Bess: This buck is one of my favorites. Its mass and height are truly special. Rick Bess downed this Henry Mountains 213″ with North Rim Outfitters. These guys have knocked down some bruisers this year! Congrats Rick on an amazing buck!

Contact North Rim Outfitters @ (435) 616-5051

Tanner Hamblin Utah General Season Giant 220"  Mossback Outfitters www.mossback.com  (877) 682-2079
Tanner Hamblin’s 220″ Utah General Season Bruiser / Mossback Outfitters

4. Tanner Hamblin: Some of my fondest memories in life have been spending time on the hill with my Dad. Tanner knocked down this stunning 220″ with his dad by his side. Congrats Tanner on a truly magnificent general season stud! The team members at Mossback are clearly having quite the year.

Check out these links for more information on Tanner’s buck: MossbackMossback Online Store, Mossback Facebook

Jeff Demaske 236″ Henry Mountains Monster / North Rim Outfitters

5. Jeff Demaske: The Henry Mountains continue to produce amazing results. North Rim Outfitters are doing the same. Congrats Jeff on the buck of a lifetime. Your Top 10 spot is well deserved!

Contact North Rim Outfitters @ (435) 616-5051

DJ Ence’s 234″ Archery Slob / High Top Outfitters

6. DJ Ence: High Top Outfitters staff member DJ Ence’s 3 year journey finally came to an end with this monster hitting the dirt. I can’t imagine pulling back on 234″ of bone. Congrats DJ on such an amazing feat. I hope to see this buck at the High Top Outfitter’s booth during the 2015 Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City this winter!

Check out these links for more information on DJ’s buck: High Top OutfittersHigh Top Outfitter Facebook

Jeff Richard’s 259″ Giant (Pictured Jeff’s son Skyler Richards) / Color Country Outfitters

7. Jeff Richards: What an amazing animal. This should come as no surprise to anyone that follows CCO, their staff members, and guides. Year after year they knock down some of the best bucks in Southern Utah. Congrats Jeff and CCO!

Check out these links for more information on Jeff’s buck: Color Country Outfitters, Color Country Outfitters Facebook

Andrea Minnoch’s 226 3/8″ Antelope Island Pig / Mossback Outfitters

8. Andrea Minnoch:  Representing the amazing women in the sport of hunting, Andrea knocked down this old brute after securing one of only two highly sought after Antelope Island tags. What an impressive animal. Congrats Andrea!

Check out these links for more information on Andrea’s buck: MossbackMossback Online Store, Mossback Facebook

Wyatt Bowles’ 234″ Jaw Dropping Muley / Mossback Outfitters

9. Wyatt Bowles:  Mossback guide Wyatt took some time of his own to knock down this jaw dropping 234″ beast.  Nice work Wyatt!  This is certainly one of the most impressive amongst this Top 10 group of bucks.

Check out these links for more information on Wyatt’s buck: MossbackMossback Online Store, Mossback Facebook

Denny Austad’s 40.5″ 223 5/8″ Antelope Island Brute / Mossback Outfitters

10. Denny Austad: Who likes 40″ bucks? What an impressive Antelope Island giant. At 223 5/8″ Denny does it again. Thank you Denny for your contributions to wildlife conservation. Each year I look forward to your results!

Check out these links for more information on Denny’s buck: MossbackMossback Online Store, Mossback Facebook

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My Coming Out Story

Much of my life is a lie. The feelings I have felt for the better part of 30 years do not align with the facts society has placed upon me. When I was young I used to pick up a glove and ball with hopes that I would feel like a boy. The reality is when I looked in the mirror, I did not feel like a boy. As a matter a  fact, I did not feel like a Caucasian American human. As I grew into adulthood I struggled to fit the mold expected of me. Get married. Have kids. Get a job. Buy a home. It was the American way.

Well folks, America is changing. The world is changing. For that reason I find strength in coming out as the real me. You may find this odd and may be tempted to share hurtful things; however, I do ask that your respect my privacy during this difficult and transitional time.

You see my whole life I have felt one with the mountains. When nobody is watching I rub my head along branches and paw at the dirt with my Danner pronghorn boots. I feel most at home while rolling around in a high mountain wallow. I like the way it cools me down and I don’t mind getting dirty for the cameras. I want to publically apologize to any hunters that may have been frightened by a trail cam picture or two. I have also issued an apology to the Sasquatch Foundation for creating so much commotion in recent months. I do not apologize for who I am; however, I do apologize for the confusion and hurt I have caused many.

I often go weeks without brushing my teeth. I love the feel of velvet on my teeth.  My wife has known about the true me for some time. It started by my relentless screaming when readying for her company. She thought it was odd at first but went along. I couldn’t talk her into the idea of joining a harem. That is ok, marriage is still about compromise. I do try to keep my bugling down but once my lip curls, it’s on. I think the neighbors are onto me. Under the cloud of darkness I often strap horns to my head and insist on eating the grass and foliage in the backyard.

The reality is I feel as though I am a bull elk. I have been a bull elk my entire life.  As a result I will now be identifying solely as a bull elk with exception to the months of August-November. I am done hiding behind the cloche of ancient societal norms. My name is Bullseye and this is my coming out story.